Are Lithuanian girls easy going?

Too often it happens that Americans consider themselves so called navels of the world imaging they could have everything and could teach other people how to live. And why not? Yes, really, why not to do that if you can and if you don’t do anything what is prohibited by the law or is not condemned with public morality? If American man can afford to go to Lithuanian and if he can use his American citizenship and his wallet to attract local women, why he can’t do this? I mean, he does not force these women and they do it on their own will.

Well, all what we see in the first paragraph is truth but only partially. There are some reasons that still force women from Lithuanian to get acquainted with Americans and if there were no these problems she would not communicate with American guy. You see, those women are in need for money and by having some romance with American man they hope to improve their financial position. But those women are in every country and we cannot say such phenomenon is widespread in Lithuania.

Another issue, that is more serious and characterize American man as not moral at all and not as the best representatives of the most developed country in the world, because as for me, improvement and development should be not only when it is going about economy and industry, but also about the culture and moral principles is behavior of many American men when they visit Lithuania. Most of them take accessibility of ALL Lithuanian women for granted. Guys, be wise, because sometimes you remind real animals blinded with sexual instinct. Most of Lithuanian women do not dream of American husband or boyfriend and what is more, they don’t dream to have sex with foreigner. Read also: Blur tips for the first date with Lithuanian girl

Are Lithuanian girls easy going?

Lithuanian women were raised in their culture and it is different than American. Sex on the first date is very rare and usually can happen when woman is inadequate. Common for Lithuanians is period of dating and only when the girl is sure about intentions of the boyfriend sex is possible. Most of women still dream about Lithuanian man and mating with foreigner is not on purpose of most Lithuanians.

When American or other foreigner comes to Lithuania and visits some places he was advised to for finding there a girl he could do the same in the U.S. and if he is in Lithuania it does not mean the girl he gets this night is Lithuanian. No matter what is going in such clubs or bars, girls there do not represent even 000.1% of all Lithuanian women and therefore we cannot say the statement Lithuanian girls are easy going about foreigners is truth. There is some percentage of easy girls, but it is not higher than anywhere else in the world. So, we can’t say Lithuania is a country of easily accessible for foreigners girls. But Lithuanian girls are very pretty and if you use different approach and find yourself here a girlfriend than pleasure and fun will immediately find you. But don’t offend the girl and start dating her only if you are serious otherwise by using her you could easily break her heart and even ruin her life. Always be responsible for your actions and the country where you are is not important. Lithuanian girlfriend is much better than Lithuanian girl for one night (if you are sure she is Lithuanian). Read also: Lithuanian girlfriend – unrestrained desire for American man 

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  1. Tadas says:

    That is very true. As a Lithuanian who lived in various countries I can attest completely.

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