Lithuanian girl in bed

There is a common myth among foreign tourist that Lithuanian girls are easy going and it is very easy to approach them. This is prejudice become real stereotype and there is a lot of such information on the internet as well as some tourists who visit Lithuania are coming back home and telling their friends stories how fun they had with girls from Lithuania.

I would tell you why it is not easy to get Lithuanian girl in bed and why all those talks have little sense. Most of foreign guys who visit Lithuania are looking for special kind of girls who would easily go to bed with him. Most of those girls are going to the night clubs and restaurants where most of foreign tourists are coming to pick up Lithuanian girl for night. But those girls have such way of behavior, because they have aim to find foreigner and to use him as the wallet and foreign tourists are willing to go there. But such girls could not be representatives of entire Lithuanian nation; there is only small amount of such easy girls and they could be found only in special places. The rest of girls in Lithuania are NOT like that.

Descent Lithuanian girl who respects herself would never go to some bars full of foreigners, because such places among locals are well known as places for cheap sluts. Read also: Lithuanian girlfriend – unrestrained desire for American man

Lithuanian girl in bed

With desire to get Lithuanian girl in bed foreign tourist goes to Lithuania and imagines all women in the country are easily accessible; in reality it is not true and only small percentage of girls is like that and could be found in special bars and clubs only. What foreigner does instead? He starts to be annoying piece of sh** and cavil to all the girls on the street. Is it high morality of the man from “highly developed” prosperous western country? I bet at home he left his wife who cheats him with neighbor. Such foreign tourists are miserable, because the only thing they have it is just a little more sum of money than people in Eastern European countries, he can’t find girl at his home country even for money such a loser he is; but here in Lithuania for some reason he thinks he is the king of life. He thinks he can buy a girl for pizza or drink and he does not afraid many girls he clambers on the street have boyfriend of husband and he may have serious problems because of that. Having Lithuanian girl in bed is possible after long dating period and those girls whom you pick up for one night stand could be found in any country and there is no need to go far abroad; but at the same time, visiting such bars you cannot judge about the women of the whole nation. Read also: Are Lithuanian girls easy going?

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