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Characteristics of typical Lithuanian woman

Typical Lithuanian woman can be different and could not be associated with some stereotypes other than beautiful or very pretty woman.

As for appearance she could have different types of hair color and different color of eyes.

Typical Lithuanian woman has white skin, even pale, according to the climate of Baltic.

More often typical Lithuanian woman has blue, grey or green eyes that brown.

Lithuanian women are associated with type of women who have nice figure. They are rather tall than small. All the body proportions make them look very attractive to every man. Because of their beauty and nice features of face and body, Lithuanian women gained great attention of men.

Typical Lithuanian speaks Lithuanian language and keeps to the tradition of Lithuanians and particular family. She is rather moral and lives in terms of religious morality. Most of Lithuanians are religious, although many do not visit church, but still believe in God.

When implying typical woman we are talking about some collective image that could be different depending on the region and particular family. Great influence for new generation makes globalization, where the boundaries between Lithuanian culture and other European countries become less vivid and erased within every year. If to talk about Lithuanian traditions, they are more kept by grannies and old people.

Woman is not only appearance, but also character. Very often character is even more important factor for relationship, that how woman looks like. Typical character of Lithuanian woman is calm and placid. She is rather deliberate in actions and in life in general.

Lithuanian woman is family oriented. Usually she is not influenced by so popular on West feminist currents and therefore remains traditional wife and caring mother. She is often (but not always) ready to forget about her own interests if it is needed to do something for the family.

Elder women in Lithuania are more family oriented and new generation looks more at their own desires and wishes. 20+ women in Lithuania prefer to graduate university, build the career and then get married. Even if they get married earlier, having kids is option for the future.

Lithuanian woman is kind and always ready to help, but only in case of the need. At the same time, women from Lithuania are quite demanding. You will live in happy family and have everything what usual average man dreams of, but instead you have not only bring money to the family as the head of the family (woman in Lithuanian family works as well), but also take into consideration her wishes and constructive suggestions.

Such a unity with Lithuanian woman is great happiness, but at the same time responsibility and ability to share common values.

Too often it happens that some Americans consider themselves so called navels of the world imaging they could have everything and could teach other people how to live. And why not?

Yes, really, why not to do that if you can and if you don’t do anything what is prohibited by the law or condemned with public morality?

If American man can afford to go to Lithuania and if he can benefit from the fact he is American, attracting some local women, why he can’t do this? If you still prefer to communicate online, you can check many  profiles here .

Although you should keep in mind, if you go to Lithuania, do not expect warm affection from local ladies. And it’s not that they all have a cold temperament – it’s not. The fact is that each of them has their own life, relationships, work and lives in their own world with their own problems, joys and challenges. In simpler language – they just don’t really care about your existense.

Some American men are known in this country by their often immoral behavior when they visit Lithuania. Most of Lithuanian women do not dream of American husband or boyfriend and what is more, they don’t dream to get acquainted with foreigners, they just live their everyday life.

Lithuanian women were raised in their culture and it is different than American. Common for Lithuanians is long period of dating before marriage. Most of women still dream about Lithuanian husband and family creation with foreigner is not on purpose of most Lithuanians.

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