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Pros of dating Lithuanian woman

If you just started dating you have to apply a little different approach than at your home country, especially if you are from the West. Baltic women are more calm, not that active and have slower temperament. This is based on the gene pool, as well as traditional for generations way of life that was formed in Baltic countries.

If Lithuanian woman is dating foreigner it does not necessarily mean she has already put an eye on him and willing him to become her future husband. Lithuanian women are very curious for meetings and communication with representatives of other cultures. I would not say Lithuanian society is closed or something, vice verse many Lithuanians travel and work abroad, but still it is very small country and many women, especially from small towns and villages in Lithuanian province have never been abroad before and never spoke to a foreigner.

For example, during the date rural Lithuanian woman could be more shy than her counterpart from the city. Such rural women usually are the best candidates for wives, as they are known to be faithful to husband.

Probably, 90% of what we see in women is beauty. Every guy wants to walk down the street with pretty girlfriend. By this you will not surprise anyone in Lithuania, because locals got used to the fact that pretty women surround them everywhere. Another thing when you ask Lithuanian girlfriend to visit your home country.

Small problem could be English language barrier. In general, people in this country speak descent English. But still there are women whose English would ask for better and it is not likely you will learn Lithuanian language. Although… who knows, if your feelings are so strong and pure…

Think of dating Lithuanian? Then stop reading this articles and start acting already! Be “the man”, just like Lithuanian women like. If you’re handsome man in a good shape, having good appearance, and being materially provided, you’ll definitely achieve your goal.