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Typical Lithuanian family

In order to create a full-fledged family it is need that state itself create decent conditions to newly-created families so they could be able to develop. However, the fresh couples often should strive themselves to ensure that the family was well-being. Typically, women are more likely to seek to create a real family than men, for whom freedom is sometimes more important than to be a family man. However, in many countries, men, on the contrary, are currently looking for stability in a relationship. They have showed a desire to have a close person near, whom will they always love and give needed support.

The only problem that exists today is that men too little of their time give on child-upbringing. Women have a lot of troubles, especially now. First is the creation of a normal, stable atmosphere in the house along with keeping the house.

Work, to which almost all Lithuanian women give a lot of time. Number of stay-at-home wives is getting smaller all the time. Every woman wants to see her husband with children as often as possible.

In Lithuania, there is a situation where a man can take vacation to care for a child and get paid. This facilitates the life of the mother, especially since many fathers with great pleasure agree to perform such duties. In addition, the country has a lot of large families, although today’s youth is trying to change this situation and to focus on one or two children.

So far, there are no problems with birth rate in Lithuania, but that could be changed if the current attitude to a large number of children in the family will become a reality and less women will give birth. But still, when the family is bringing up two or three children, the possibility of the father to take vacation to care for a child is quite comfortable. This gives mother a little rest from her duties and the ability to return to work, especially if a woman takes a high position.

Mainly in Lithuanian families breadwinner is a man who should provide a comfortable existence to his wife and his children. Before planning to have children, parents are trying to create sufficient material base. Family planning in this case becomes very popular now, because to educate and bring up children in poor conditions is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore the age of the men and women who enter into marriage is increasing.

If you look closer at every particular Lithuanian family, you can see almost equal rights of both spouses. Man and woman in this case could be a perfect substitute for each other in parenting and keeping the house. No strict limitations, because spouses increasingly tend toward equality in the relationship and the position of host or hostess here goes more into the background.

Family in Lithuania means a mutual respect, love and understanding of each other. You cannot speak on topics as whose work is harder, because everyone does all the best according his ability and opportunities.

In Lithuania they seriously ensure that the family remained complete, because parenting is very hard to single parent. Besides the usual child benefit there is no other state support in the country for single mother or father. Divorce is the most extreme method when cohabitation is no longer possible for serious reasons.

In this regard, Lithuania orphanages have very high levels of development, so the children left without parents could feel love and affection. Orphanages are not like typical government agencies, because all are made in a house style, which always gives parental warmth, affection and care for every child. Children do not feel the lack of anything as all the staff is trying to give as much warmth and care as they give to their own children.

Much attention in Lithuania is paid to the elderly, for whom nursing homes are opened. Not all children can pay enough attention to their parents and for many nursing homes are the best way out in this case.

All this at first glance suggests that Lithuania is not very much caring about their own children and parents, but it is not so. Women never leave their children, even if it would be very difficult to raise them alone. Even to the children of others average Lithuanian woman pays much attention. The same applies to parents. If possible, the children always take their parents to their house or already adult child remains in the home of the parents, in order to become a support for them in their old age.

Each Lithuanian family is a traditional custodian of national customs, which are guarded and passed unchanged from generation to generation. Children get this knowledge from a very early age, so that they can fully realize gradually what they have inherited, as they should also keep and transmit it to their children in the future. Children are not brought up in severity, but still the parents for them are an indisputable authority and disobey their parents means to treat them with disrespect.

No event in the life of the Lithuanian child or adolescent happens without the entire family meeting and public discussion in order to make a decision. Study of the child also becomes a subject of discussion, because the parents beforehand think about what would be best for their children and where would be the best for them to study.

Almost perfect family relations in Lithuania are achieved by mutual agreement between the spouses when both are involved in education. Both can do household chores and understand each other like no other. Knowing how tough could be the time sometimes, the couple become closer and begins to realize that a strong family is possible only when there is an understanding of each other.

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